Human Love

Human Love

Oh when the heart is bruised!
Is it love?
Is love supposed to hurt?
Or is it an opening of the heart instead?
So much to live and learn!
And love is all that life truly aims.
How does one learn what love is?
How does one recognises the real essence?
Being human has no manual,
but if there was some,
love would be it.
Love as guidance.
Love in all its forms, colours, sounds and beyond.
Love for the family.
Love for friends.
Love for a teacher.
Love for a partner.
Love for a colleague.
Love for a neighbour.
Love for a stranger.
Love for a community.
Love for a country.
And above all…love for ourself.
Because without the latter, all the others can’t fuel in the long run.

And what’s self love?
Is it selfish? No no.
It’s selfless instead.
It’s understanding that you matter so much and as much in order to be able to present and loving all the others.

Love only multiplies into more love.
Love from a full tank will never go empty.
Love from an empty tank will never be enough.
Fill your tank and love will only grow from inside of you and out.

The more we give, the more we love.
The more we love, the more we give.

Oh love, life’s deepest and biggest mystery with no rules.
All we know is that it feels like nothing ever before.
Nothing we can put into words.
Nothing we can shape into something.

Because love is shapeless, endless, infinite.
Love is invisible yet palpable.
Love is body-less yet soulful.
Love is all that we can’t explain that feels good.
That feels right.

Oh love, what are you like?
Whatever you are,
may the real essence of you fill our lives.

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