Why Do We Get Hungry?

Why Do We Get Hungry?


Letter 2

Why Do We Get Hungry?

Hello dear Julian!

I have a strange question for you.

Has your stomach ever rumbled? 

You can’t miss it when it happens. It’s like a groaning, squeaking noise, in the middle of your body – a funny sound! When adults do it in public, everyone laughs.

A rumbling stomach is your body’s way of saying either “I haven’t had enough food” or “I’ve had too much food.” It’s one of your body’s way of speaking to you, telling you a special message (in a hilarious way).

Hunger is one of the body’s most basic needs. You will find that there are many things your body needs to keep working properly. These needs are usually very simple, yet people tend to complicate them (you’ll notice, adults like to make things very complicated – sometimes for no reason whatsoever!).

Let me show you how to keep things simple.

The body is made of cells, remember? And these cells need different kinds of foods to allow them to do the work they need to do. These special foods are fuel to the body, so it can continue to work normally without disturbances, aka illness. 

It’s that simple. Want to be as healthy as possible? Eat the right kinds of food.

These foods are of many different types. There are the ones you need to grow strong – the same foods your mum had to eat to make you strong, when you were growing inside her. (Her food would be passed through her body to yours and become your food. One person helping – and growing – the other. And beautiful too, just like everyone should in this life.) 

There are many complicated names for these foods – but let’s stay simple, and focus on nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and water

All these come naturally in the food that we eat. Those veggie mashes you are eating and loving – they’re stuffed with nutrients, vitamins and good minerals, to keep your body growing at such a crazy-quick rate.

Water is probably the most important food of all – and in fact, it belongs in its own category, but we’ll include it here because it is so, so important. 

Water is in everything. It’s not just the transparent liquid that comes out of the tap. It’s in every type of food you eat, every drink you drink – and it’s inside you, right now. Water is the most important fuel for life itself. In fact….

(…and this is one of the strangest facts about being human…)

…there is so much water within you, dear Julian, that you basically are water. Around seven-tenths of your body – well over half of it – is made of water! Your brain is filled with water. Your organs are powered by water. And your skin needs water to stay strong and flexible.

Without enough water, you will get sick.

So that’s my task for you today, Julian. Fill a big cup with water (or get your Ma or Pa to do it for you), and drink all of that water. Your body will thank you, and you will feel great tomorrow.

Down the hatch!


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