Thanks for visiting this section. As you may have read by now, I am a doctor (who writes) and absolutely in love and determined with the idea that everyone can learn the basics of health and the human body to improve their state of being and feeling not just well but great in life!

To me health is clearly a wide range of things that go beyond just the physical – health is truly the wellbeing of the body, and also the mind, which includes thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is no separation to these all and it seems the world is finally catching up with this concept in the latest years.

So, as a doctor and a writer, I am happily committed to bring this awareness to you through these pages and this blog, always to the best of my abilities, my expertise and my entire medical and life experience.

I truly hope you find this useful and of incredibly deep value. I aim to keep talking about an endless array of topics all related to health (in my above understanding of it)- so expect a lot of common health talk here, along with mental health topics, taboo topics, sexuality, self love, inner journey, trauma, PTSD, general awareness and so much more, all for the sake of healing, evolution and enjoyment of your very own self.

Because yes, health is EVERYTHING all together: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

I am mostly writing in english even though it’s not my mother tongue, yet I want to also make sure that my Spanish speaking readers can also benefit from this, not only through a Google translate app. This is why I have created a section EN ESPAÑOL where you can find some key content I’ve written in the past for newspapers, magazines and more, plus any fresh stuff that will keep coming.

Thanks for being here and please enjoy the ride! Feeling good in your own skin is one of the biggest and most important journeys we will all live in this lifetime without a doubt.

See you around!

Dr. Mariana