Why Meditation?

If you’re reading this page is because you are a seeker soul. You have probably done some (or plenty) of meditation and you are feeling the desire to deepen your practice or simply start learning as you feel called to.

Well, meditation has been quite a key part of my journey in different periods of my life. So I want to bring it all here and share tools with you so you can start embracing this journey too.

First things first.

Meditation is not about becoming empty and blank in our minds.

Most people asume that meditation is boring and pointless, however when you learn the basics and understand the reasons and science behind it, you understand that meditation is truly about getting to know yourself deeper, to know yourself better in ways that will enhance your life and the way you live.

Indeed meditation is about self knowledge, about going within in quiet, calming ways. To meditate is to become an observer of your reality, your feelings, sensations and emotions, observing without judging them all. It’s about observing yourself and being okay with what you see.

Also essential? Breathing.

Meditation is all about the breathe.
The way we breathe is the way we live.

As we are tense and rushed on a daily normal basis, our system, the human body, will have certain effects and reactions due to shallow breathing. Chemically speaking, shallow breathing translates into substances flowing into our bloodstream that can target organs in the long run if we continue to live in a stressed way.

The opposite happens when we become aware of our breathing, more and more every time enough to understand that the calmer we breathe, the calmer we will feel in the mind and the smoother the system will run. Calm and deep breathing will allow the body become better oxygenated which will translate into better overall function and less stress hormones flowing around. Again, its long term effects on your health will be uniquely positive.

So as you can see, meditation as you’ve known it is most likely not what it truly is. It’s then time to change the old belief into new awareness.

Meditation is a simple practice that can be learned and done very easily, performed very simply and pretty much anywhere, for however short or long you desire, giving you a better and deeper understanding of who you are as a person, as a soul while also giving you more health and peace of mind than you could have imagined.

By becoming more observant, you become calmer, and your ability to react to events in life, whether big or small, becomes also easier, even wiser.

Your life will certainly feel different afterwards. Every single time.

Meditation Journey

Three main events through the years brought me to learn and experience meditation first hand in ways I hadn’t known before. As curious, insightful and adventurous as I’ve been, these events marked my life and began a slow constant process of change within that hasn’t stopped since.

Back in 2014 while travelling in Thailand, I was initiated into meditation via Vipassana technique, which is a simple yet deep state of awareness in the meditation journey, usually an advanced step. It made me feel natural and the lightest I’ve ever been in my mind and body. As a first experience, it was both a mix of initial struggle followed by absolute bliss. Most definitely a common initial process among beginner meditators.

Then, in Summer 2019 I was introduced to Vedantic philosophy thanks to a random, unexpected encounter with a wonderful woman and soul named Amma Ji (Swamini Pramananda), founder of Purna Vidya, an Indian educational organisation that focuses on spreading the Vedantic wisdom towards self knowledge and inner journey, beautifully applied to modern living. I was able to experience her Vedanta retreat in Spain and to my surprise, the same feelings of lightness, clarity, knowledge and wisdom were fired up inside of me again, five years later as a reminder.

And finally, in early 2020 I was introduced to a colleague Doctor also from India who founded a Spiritual Sciences university a few decades ago. It struck me deeply to learn about such term, even more as founded by doctors…it felt like a giant light and leap on my path. I started listening to their live talks during these pandemic days – all about meditation – so clarifying and so beautifully explained. This changed my meditation experience for good. His name is Dr. Newton Kondaveti and his educational legacy is the Quantum Life University, located in Hyderabad, India, founded alongside with his wife (also a doctor) Dr. Lakshmi Kondaveti. I’m deeply grateful I came to cross paths with these two souls indeed. Happy to share their view and guidance as it’s been my most significant mentorship in this short period of time.

So, let me give you then the list of tools that can help you get started and/or deepen your practice. I will share the tools which have helped me personally so far. Plus I will keep updating as I go along. May it be of good service to you! Thanks for being here.

Meditation Tools


The Art & Science of Meditation by Dr. Newton Kondaveti

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations can come really handy when you are beginning this journey. Sitting down to meditate silently and alone is no easy task at first, no matter how calm and zen you think you are. Using guided meditations will help you get the hang of it while you find your own rhythm and pace. Since there’s endless options out there in the web, I will always share only what I have personally enjoyed and found useful.

Simple Anapanasati Guided Meditation by Dr. Newton Kondaveti
Body Dialogue Meditation

Background Sounds

I generally prefer meditating in silence, but there are times where some soft background can enhance the experience allowing yo to go deeper. I’ll keep adding more as I test them myself.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Short Sounds (Surprisingly relaxing to me.)

Calming Music

Songs that relax me and put me in a calming vibe whether I’m going to meditate, sleep or simply drink tea. Plenty of Indian/Southeast Asian influence for me personally but you are free to search and see what calls you the most.

Durgas 1
Durgas 2
Aad Guray Nameh

Inner Journey Series by Dr. Newton Kondaveti (April – May 2020)

These are the live lessons I attended recently which were my mind-opener into a better understanding of meditation as a self-knowledge journey above all.

Episode 1: “Inner Journey Series Begin”
Episode 2: “Inner Conversations & Inner Messages”
Episode 3: “Swaasa Vidya”
Episode 4: “Swaasa Maha Vidya”
Episode 5: “Inner Experiences”
Episode 6: “Know Thyself as Energy Consciousness”
Episode 7: “Balance is the Way to Abundante Life”
Episode 8: “Heal Thyself”
Episode 9: “Die Before You Die”
Episode 10: “Quantum Leap”
Episode 11: “Stop the Blame Game & Take Responsibility”
Episode 12: “Karma Science Part 1”
Episode 13: Karma Science Part 2″
Episode 14: “Creative Expression & Spontaneous Shift”
Episode 15: “As Within So Without”
Episode 16: “Find Out Your Unique Energy Signature”
Episode 17: “You Are Not Your Shadow”
Episode 18: “The Alpha and The Omega”
Episode 19: “Wu Wei – Doing Nothing”
Episode 20: “Understand Psychosomatic Medicine”
Episode 21: “Buddha in Me & Buddha in You”
Episode 22: “Be Thyself” (The Art of Being Yourself)

Other Tools for Inner Connection

Acoustic music & candle light quiet time
Walking in nature – preferably near water masses in motion or wood areas

What do these all have in common? They bring you fully into the present moment. Whatever you’re choosing to relax with, you’re being brought to the present, to feel, enjoy and sense yourself and nothing else. Which brings deep awareness and self knowledge as a result.

If you want to ask more or request a personalised meditation guidance,
please feel free to reach me here.