Right Into Morpheus Arms

Right Into Morpheus Arms


Letter 4

 Why Do We Get Sleepy?

Hello again, my little one! How did you sleep?

I’m guessing the answer to that is “without even thinking about it.” At some point last night your eyelids got really heavy, and you just shut them for a minute, just a few minutes – and suddenly it was morning.

Isn’t it amazing how that happens? 

But also kinda weird?

Like many things related to our bodies, we all know what sleep is, but we’re only just starting to learn how it works and why we need it.

Doctors know that sleep is incredibly important for staying healthy. If you don’t sleep properly, your body stops working properly – and eventually, everything breaks, and you can get ill, tired and cranky. It’s as simple and as horrible as that. Without sleep, there is no “good health” – there is only tiredness and sickness…. 

And this is our best idea about what sleep is. Sleep is when our body repairs itself.

When you get a small illness, you can “sleep it off” (meaning, you give your body its best chance of repairing itself by giving it the most amount of sleep).

There’s another magically clever thing about sleep – and it’s one of life’s great mysteries. Sleeping is when we have dreams – imaginary stories that happen only in our minds, not in real life.

Have you had your first dream yet?

Sometimes you’ll see adults looking out of the window or thinking deeply, a half-smile on their faces. We call this “daydreaming” – where we get lost in our thoughts, and afterwards have to take a few seconds to remember where we are. These aren’t real dreams, but they’re fun to have (and sometimes, they’re where really clever ideas come from). I have them a lot! And it’s somehow quite relaxing.

Real dreams as you sleep feel real at the time. Your brain is completely fooled. Sometimes that can be a fun thing – and sometimes, a little scary. However you feel during a dream, it’s gone when you open your eyes – just like sleepiness.

If you get sleepy and it’s only lunchtime, you’re still allowed to sleep – except it’s called “having a nap”. In some countries (the really sensible ones), an afternoon nap is called a siesta – it’s too hot outside, so you go indoors and have a little sleep until it cools down. 

The good news for you is – babies are allowed to have lots of naps. Unlimited naps! You can even nap all day long if you want to!

So how about getting one of those right now? (Go on – you know you want to.) 

Love you kiddo!
Auntie Mariana

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