Why Do We Need The Toilet?

Why Do We Need The Toilet?


Letter 3

Why Do We Need The Toilet?

Good morning, dear Julian!

Remember when I said you should drink that big cup of water? There was something I should have mentioned: some of that water is going to have to come out of you again.

Did you feel a strong urge to pee during the night? 

When we drink enough water every day, our bodies are able to maintain your most basic (and important) functions. All our organs work properly, keeping our bodies clean and free of the bad kinds of cells – and if we drinking plenty of water, those bad cells will be flushed out of us, a process called urination, better known as “going for a pee”. 🙂 

Having the right amount of water in your body every day is known as good hydration – and it’s the secret to great health. 

If you have the right amount of water inside you, your body has (almost) everything it needs to clean and repair itself at top speed – and when you’re well-hydrated, you feel amaaaaaaaazing. (This is Nature’s way of saying “hey, keep drinking water, okay?”)  

When you are well hydrated, you will sleep better, so you’re properly rested and full of good energy the next day – meaning you can play more, learn more and do more! Your stomach can properly digest all those foods you eat – and your body’s health-protecting defences (your immune system, remember?)  require water to stop you getting sick. Also your kidneys (two organs in charge of cleansing your blood and taking waste out of it) will be joyfully working, allowing you to go pee healthily so you can keep playing every day. Awesome, right?

Water keeps you alive, my dear boy – and makes you feel alive. Every glass of water is your friend. 

And the body is so wise that it keeps all things working by running basic functions like peeing or pooping – things we usually do in a toilet, except when you’re a tiny baby when you’re allowed to do it on your diapers.

(You’re lucky that your Auntie is a doctor and knows all this stuff to share with you right here at the beginning, because these are some of the most important things you will ever learn. Here’s a fun secret: adults are very clever and think big thoughts, but sometimes they forget these basics facts. So maybe adults aren’t as clever as they think, ey?) 

You know what’s a good way to remember to drink water every day? Drink a glass every time you eat candy. Because, who would ever forget to eat candy? Am I right?

While we’re on the subject of candy…

One thing your body doesn’t need a lot of is sugar – the stuff that candy is made of. I know candy is delicious and it’s super-easy to keep eating it, but it can be harmful when too much of it is eaten (and it will make your stomach ache!). 

Every time your mum and dad say “that’s enough candy for you”, trust me – they’re not being mean. As tasty as it is, sugar has the power to make you sick if you eat too much of it.

So, remember: drink your water every day. Drink it when you eat candy. Drink it when you eat anything. Drink it when it’s hot outside, and drink it when it’s cold. Water will always and forever be your body’s best friend, savior and illness-protector – and it keeps you going to the toilet, which is a good thing, because it always shows your body is working properly.

So let’s say the toilet is a symbol of the privilege we have when our bodies are working in a nice and healthy manner. Whether it’s on an actual toilet or somewhere in the open (sometimes urges can’t make the body wait!), you must feel grateful for your body doing its job and for letting you know when you need to go to let your insides be cleansed and cleared. By the way, this is something you’ll be learning soon and it’s exciting! When you start learning to go to the toilet on your own, being aware of the urge to pee or poo and actually going for it. It will feel liberating, you’ll see, my boy! So much to keep learning. You’re doing great!

There’s another thing that you really need every day, if you want to stay really well, feeling good and healthy. No, it’s not food. It’s not water (or it wouldn’t be “another” thing, would it?). And it’s not pooping.

Can you guess what it is?

Even if you can’t, I guarantee you’ll remember to do it before tomorrow’s lesson, where you’ll find out the answer.

Sweet dreams! 😉


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