The Writer’s Guide

The Writer’s Guide


If you have landed here, I suspect you’re definitely a writing soul like me. You know the power of words and you certainly relate to the love we can feel for them so deeply.

As a doctor myself, I have been longterm aware of the challenges that come with the writing job, aka, the long-sitting hours, the crazy writing schedules, the deadline stress rush, the easily-forgettable eating times and the recurrent inability to either stick to our craft or to our healthy routine.

Well, I’m here to tell you all that there’s no need to choose. We must understand as a collective that we can both be healthy and creative; we can write our best pieces without having to compromise on our sleep, meals or exercise. In fact we need them all to be balanced rather than out of balance.

Which is why I am creating The Writer’s Guide.

A FREE guide that will show you what are the main key points, mistakes and solutions regarding your health, habits and overall routine that will allow you to improve your art, focused-ness, efficiency and enjoyment of it all.

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You’ve got this, dear fellow writer…and as a doctor who writes, I got you!

Mariana Calleja

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