Dear Julian

Dear Julian

"Dear Julian: Welcome Letters to the World" is a little book made with love, as a life manual for kids as they embark in this journey of being human. A set of heartfelt letters from Auntie Mariana to dear Julian throughout his first year of age, showing him the marvels, magic and realities of life.

A small, heartfelt guide for new members of this world, their parents and caregivers, to guide them through this journey of life as they explore and grow in a multicultural world of vast languages, religions, mindsets, traditions and beyond. This is a small book containing letters written to Baby Julian on his first birthday, inspired on my four nephews and niece, and showing the first-year wanderings of life - to remind us all how to live simply and better through our kids life experience as they evolve. Aimed to be a life manual for kids as they grow and all the way into adulthood, filled with lessons, wisdom and simple views to help the reader embrace a better living.

You can read the full story here of how this sweet little book came about.

A personal story that made me birth this amazing little thing. First as a birthday gift to my nephew, turning into what feels like a larger purpose to help kids around the world by raising funds to invest in emotional education and awareness for schools and institutions everywhere in the world. Yes, I dream big and hope long! And you're most welcome to join this journey.


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Much love,
Auntie Mariana