Hello & Welcome!

I am Mariana Calleja, a Costa Rican medical doctor and writer.

I am tiny in physical form yet infinite as far as the soul goes. Also, I might be older than it appears - or so everyone says!

I am a deep feeler by nature - something most people are not used to, yet only natural. Thankfully, I've learned to discern and proceed accordingly. It's a really wonderful gift.

I love deep conversations about pretty much anything and everything (the mind, the heart, the soul, the world, the self, movies, series, books, taboos and beyond). I love travel, cultures and languages (currently learning my 5th!). I also love tea, ice creams, cake, lemon pie (my fave!), the ocean, the beach, nature, sunshine, dogs, birds, strangers who smile, people who hug. I enjoy people-watching too. Gives me so much to feel and think about as I write and grow. I'm a shy, quiet, calm person, yet easily opened when the vibes are just right. I follow my intuition for pretty much everything and I believe in energy, past lives, spirituality and the power of deep emotional healing.

In short, as a dear colleague said: I'm not your average doctor and writer! Still learning daily to embrace the weirdness and quirkiness in me in unapologetic ways - and proud of it.

I've been a doctor since 2006; specialised in Pain Management since 2010-2011 and worked my way through my first professional decade with elderly patients and close to Palliative Care, chronic pain and end-of-life stages. It's been an utterly deep and rewarding journey.

In late 2015 I embarked on a different journey which called me to attempt going closer to my bigger vision of working on my own. I began by creating an online consultation service, which eventually wouldn't work as planned yet it taught me so much. My entrepreneur attempts faced a dark cloud after this and for the sake of my wellbeing I decided to go back to the conventional work in 2018.

After stabilising myself and life again, I've began to feel the bug again. Ideas fluttering, desires wanting to come out of me yet too scared to try at first, and overall curiosity to start poking my energy into trying a project of my own again. Experience taught me I can do both the steady job and the creative job at once so I don't loose stability, dragging with it all self-confidence, spark and creativity. Health is truly a sweet, delicate balanced mix of mind, body and soul. Lesson learned and now ready to step up again!

I've been writing since I can remember, say 7-8 years old (my parents can confirm). Throughout life, I've written mostly about my feelings in infinite journals, all through childhood, teenage years, young adult and well, still today! I truly love journaling. And after almost 30 years of doing it, I can assure that there's no pill or therapy like putting your deepest and most sincere thoughts and feelings on paper over a quiet, private pen explosion, where absolutely no one will ever access your most naked core and truth.

Yes, journaling has been not only therapy but also happiness, joy, growth, awareness, healing, excitement, pride, self-confidence and so much more. I always vow to it and recommend it to everyone who crosses my path or asks for my advice.

As a writer, I've done different things so far - from travel writing to health and wellness writing, to appearing in radio shows, tv shows, being interviewed and all the way to public speaking. (You can read and visit the links to every show, interview and articles made here.)

After all this crazy ride, I have arrived to a moment in time where I want (and can) reboot my creative soul and give my pen some wings to fly.

The topics that have always called my heart deepest and incessantly for years are topics that made me dream big and then I left them somehow cornered up as life got on the way. Now I'm here, back home, dusting it all off and opening full windows and shutters to let the light come in again.

I will be talking and writing mostly about taboo topics like sexuality, death, mental health, burnout; and also topics that are the essence of being human, such as relationships, love, fear and feelings (for both men and women).

Basically, I'm trying to unwrap the human conditioning that we've been wrapped up with, so that the real human essence that we are can come out and do what it came here to do.

I used to dream of this huge, amazingly perfect and needed book that would entail all taboos as lived, experienced and processed through this, my Mariana brain, a book that I'd called The Tabook. It was so awesome in my dreams yet so huge that it somehow felt an impossible mountain to climb combined with the steady rush of life. As I've woken up this site again, I've decided I'll make The Tabook as a blog post series that can grow within time and with no pressure. I'm already enjoying it again even without having started.

And last but not least, in 2018 I wrote a sweet, small book that made its way to Amazon as an ebook and it's right there on sale! This was a particularly proud piece of writing for me. It truly took me into a book-writing experience like nothing I've had experienced before. The book is called Dear Julian - Welcome Letters To The World and you can read about it here.

What's next?

I'll be focusing on this blog, my journaling, and whatever juicy ideas that come to mind, making my heart sing. My day job sustains me with ease and peace while I nicely kick myself into feeding the creative self again.

Aside from this all related to work and writing, I of course like to play too! I'm learning my fifth language (Hindi) and I also love dancing, plus anything else that makes me want to smile, hug and dance. I'm determined to continue making joy and fun a priority in my life now that I'm aware of it again. There's no creativity without curiosity! So I'm here and ready to stay inspired. Hope you do too.

I hope you enjoy lurking around this site,
feeling the thoughts being softly injected into your veins
and fuelling your imagination and desire to become a better human.

Love & Hugs,
Mariana Calleja