With Just One Word

With Just One Word

When all the latest becomes understood via just ONE word.

When your life becomes suddenly easier with the understanding brought by ONE word alone.

When everything suddenly makes sense and all dots are joined because of ONE word.


Oh life oh life!
Oh humans as we are!

What are we in essence?
And what are we without all that humanness inside?
What is left without all that makes us fail and learn?
What are without all that makes us grow and expand?

Bless the people, the connections, the friendships, the situations, the unexpected, the expected, the mysteries, the joy, the grief, the happiness, the sadness. Everything!

Bless everything for it all makes us live and truly feel this experience of human life.

Bless everything for giving us the tools in each and every single moment even when we are not aware of it.

Bless each and every single person for all that they mirror to us for our own growth. Because there’s no human showing up in our lives who isn’t a mirror showing us something important about ourselves.

Bless the life, the human life, with all its imperfections and quirkiness. With all that it brings whether we understand it or not.

Eventually it all comes.
Eventually it all falls into place.
Eventually it all just flows.
All with just ONE word.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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