The Lies We Believe About Ourselves

The Lies We Believe About Ourselves

You are fat.
You are small.
You are not enough of…
You are dumb.
You don’t belong here.
You are going to fail.
You are stupid.
You are ugly.
You won’t make it.
You’re not worth.
It’s not for you.
You won’t be good at it, so why try?
No one cares.
No one will listen to you.
You’re too young.
No one will love you.
You’re not funny.
You’re not lovable.
You don’t have enough money.
Your parents don’t have enough money.
You’re different. You’re weird. Your family is weird.

All these phrases and so many more, in all the possible different version of them all. Whether in childhood or adulthood, we’ve all heard them or felt them one way or another throughout our lives. There’s not one single human being on Earth that has been free from hearing and believing some of these, no matter the circumstance, culture, geographic location, you name it.

We’ve all felt at least one of these throughout our lives.

All the magic taken away from us in the snap of a few fingers, words and short years. How important is childhood that all these things mark us humans to the point we loose so much confidence in ourselves. Whooosh! Just like that. Then adulthood to recover. Or viceversa.

It has got to stop. We have got to stop.

Through which lenses are you seeing yourself: your own or someone else’s lenses?

The essence of it all is: we must remember that we were born clean from ALL and ANY judgments and misconceptions. Whatever we heard and learned, it was conditioned by our environment. All good as long as it’s not deeply damaging, making you doubt yourself.

Life is as it is, and of course there will be challenges and lessons, but we all need better awareness on how to grow up more into emotionally healthy and balanced human beings who are free to express and just BE.

What other phrases can you hear from your past stumbling in your memories? Share them in the comments and I’ll keep adding them here. It’s important that we start this conversation and break all those unhealthy patterns. Society has moved forward a lot despite all that still exists on old paradigms, yet we must continue to move forward. And the only way is through speaking and sharing all that feeds our fears so that it looses its power.

No more fear.

We must understand love and become IT.


Image Credits: Unsplash

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