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Welcome to TravelThirst!

I am Mariana Calleja, writer at this site since November 2009. A deep feeler, thinker and dreamers by nature, life has gifted me with vast opportunities to travel as it always felt my engine, my fuel, my energy to live and understand life. I’ve travelled indeed. Sometimes around my country, sometimes around the world, sometimes around town, yet every single time within and without.

No matter how far or close we travel through the world, nothing is ever complete without the awareness we have of our own selves. Eventually after all that roaming and searching, as seeker souls it becomes clear that the inner journey is the one and most essential of all.

That’s how and why TravelThirst has evolved into full deep writing as always, yet with the last and best ingredient of this whole chain process of evolution: understanding the needed journey towards the self, along with the knowing of love being the greatest force of life. And it’s my intention to be a vessel for you who are also a seeker, to start and embrace your own journey towards yourself.

To get a taste of what this blog is about, please start by reading these posts:



Tools for Self Awareness – Starting Kit

In this journey to learn to know yourself, I highly recommend my best two tools for self awareness, as I practice them myself on regular basis:



Inner journey is the new way and you are clearly ready to get going. Glad you’re here! My most sincere desire to be of help to you through this my forever beloved site – after 10 years of journeying together.

Self Love Journey Series

Personal experience over deep insights 2019-2020:

Updates 1 & 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5

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I am developing an online program called The Soul Reboot which focuses on recognising yourself and finding that self love within so that you can shift the way you live your life. We’ve been all growing in a society with heavy conditioning. And now has come the time to become aware and self responsible enough to evolve. Sign up here to the waiting list.

Doctor and Writer on a Mission

As a Medicine Doctor, Pain Medicine specialist and Ayurveda practitioner, I intend to continue bridging all the best from both Western and Eastern medicines for integrative wellbeing. Spreading my message through my practice, both offline and online via consultations, programs, writing, speaking. Will continue to work on always sharing my honest, practical thoughts and words for the highest good of all, for the absolute wellbeing of mind, body and soul.

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