Soul Reboot

Soul Reboot

Welcome to The Soul Reboot

The Soul Reboot is an online guided group program lead by yours truly Mariana Calleja, that will focus on diving deep into your soul through a process of emotions that will help you understand your past, forgive and acknowledge yourself and find the real you - the one you were as a little kid, before you were naturally wrapped in all the social layers of commitment and obligation.

The Soul Reboot is a definite and deep self-love journey for you who are feeling so tired and so ready after endless hours of digging deep and feeling at the verge of breakthrough. You know you're ready yet you're unsure how to surrender and proceed. The Soul Reboot is your hand-guiding, fear-breaking and all-loving tool to help you trust in yourself again and be able to finally follow through. You deserve it and you now know it!

What Is This?

A self love journey that wants to take you back to remembering your essence, remembering who you are and who you came here to be in this lifetime.

Self love is essential.
Without self love, we're empty.
Without self love, there's no self respect.
Without self love, there's no clarity.
Without self love, there's no love.

Because self love is love.
Because love is the life force.
Because love is god, nature and more.
Because love is everything and everyone.
Because love is you.

If we're empty, we can't give, feed or help others grow and spread love too.

If we're empty, we can't show what love does.

Self love is not a selfish word, like most of society teaches.

Self love is truly a selfless act instead.

Only when we understand our value, power and essence, can we truly be there unconditionally for others, for everyone.

When you know, respect and love yourself, you are strong, in absolute calm and peace to give yourself to others in the knowing that you're all one, you're all the same and that you're all covered. We all are.

We must gain strength and self belief back again so we can start spreading the love and helping others do the same.

We need a SOUL REBOOT to remember our essence,
to find the love within ourselves again
so that we can start making it a big human thriving chain.

Why Is This Reboot Needed?

In life, we linger in search of love.

We linger because of fear.

Society has a way of functioning and mind-conditioning that harms the soul if we're not positively guided and corrected as we grow. It's no one's fault but it ends up affecting us all as a whole. It affects the way we live, think, feel, act, decide and more. And it affects us all.

We need then to become aware, to become soul again.

We need to understand that we are love; we always were and life is calling us now to remember it for good. Because it is through this that we will be able to truly become who we are meant to be, do what we're meant to do and live the life as it's meant to be lived and enjoyed. With soul.

We Need to Unlearn to Relearn.

We need to decode all the base programs in our minds as we were taught since childhood so that all fears that have been our controller can shift, and let soul take its place to lead us from here onwards.

This isn't a religious or medical program but a powerful emotional and spiritual human-based experience to well-being instead. A program that wants to guide you through this specific time of your life as your major shift is happening and taking you into the new way of leading yourself and living your life.

You know you're tired but willing to leave all that tiredness, gloominess and clouds behind, willing to not giving up just yet, willing to learn how to understand the process of life, in the knowing that it's time to learn to recognise your true self again.

It's time to grab control, to see fear in the face, to love it and see it for what it really is: a protection. Yes, fear is only trying to protect us all this time but what we didn't know is that a fear-based life has deep roots of pain that are now rotting, whether you want it or not. The ground is shaking whether you want it or not. So it's time for us to embrace it and turn fear into love.

A love-based life is what is next, and understanding the past is needed in order to move forward and be able to make the switch.

Who Is This For?

I see you...

You are a tired man or woman who used to thrive and dream big, who took major leaps with the most excitement and certainty of your life. You did it but then something happened, and again, and again. You became quickly confused, followed by some fear and finally a big burnout.

You are tired of spinning in circles. It's been 3 to 5 years since...firstly empowered to make a change, leaping to it and feeling your best ever, followed by a long dark route of becoming clouded, slowly reinforcing all the negative thinking you have always thought of yourself. I know you, I hear you. I am you. Five years is a long time, and also enough time to know it's now time to change those gears.

It's time to grab your wheel after all the growth and pain that has been happening through the last 12 months. Mid 2018 towards mid 2019 has been a challenging period but you know it's been one where growth has been giving you a better light. It's been the time to crawl away from the burnout yet not fully freed from its claws yet. It's okay, you're exactly where you need to be and you're on time. It's time.

Life needs you open and ready now.
Life needs you to remember our essence.
Life wants you to remember our essence.

Because life knows you've been through enough and that going around in circles it's not your place anymore. You have done a lot of the work so far and it's time to simply step in.

You are here for a reason, just like I am. We are in this journey together.

What Do You Leave With?

The purpose of this whole project is to dig deep into the layers of fear that have been running your mind and dictating your life for so long, probably your entire lifetime.

After peeling and healing as many layers together, you will understand a new way of living, one that you know you were missing yet not consciously aware of how to do it.

With this program you will receive the tools and support so you can learn to understand this new self of yours, uncovering the one soul you've always truly been and that kept hiding because of fear.

At the end of these 6 weeks you will leave with:

A next level of confidence in yourself
Clarity about your next steps
Understanding of what your essence is
Understanding of the tools to take you towards your purpose
A clear sense of what 2020 wants to be like for you personally
The absolute truth of your soul and the love that you are

How is The Soul Reboot Happening?

This will be a 6-week online group program, held via a weekly private online group calls and a private Facebook group, where we get to receive the guidance, the tools and support to slide through this journey of self love and self discovery. If you can't attend the live calls, you must rest reassured that the replay will be accessible to you privately as well.

This program wants to be all the small steps you need to gain confidence in yourself again.

It's time to leave fear and survival mode behind.

It's time to know yourself and remember your essence so that you can trust and flow again!

When Is The Soul Reboot Starting?

To Be Announced Soon!

Sessions will be held via ZOOM
(An awesome FREE online app for group meetings.
You'll need to download it to your preferred devices.
To download, click here.)

Ok, I'm Ready to Reboot!

Payments will be done via Paypal.
You have two options:
1 payment $144 Only
2 payments $77 Each

After you've done your payment, I'll personally get back to you
within the next 2 hours to give you confirmation and a proper soul-welcome!

Light, Set...Soul! Let's Reboot! 😉

Credit: Images by Unsplash 2019