Human Connection: Truths of Being a Deep Feeler

Human Connection: Truths of Being a Deep Feeler

Sometimes is difficult to be a deep person in this world. However, the more I discover about my deep-feeling nature the more convinced I am of what a wonderful great asset and superpower it really is.

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Being a deep feeler might mean that you will always feel somehow different, maybe misunderstood; most likely a misfit, yet not even a clear one. Because our depth is so unique and unknown that most people won’t know how to navigate around us. Not even ourselves at first!

Nop. Us deep feelers are seen as mystics, weirdos. Labelled as too emotional or too weak. Indecisive, even insecure. But what the world never told us – because they don’t know it themselves most of the times – is that feeling deeply is what we all want, what we all need, what we all search for whether we know it or not.

Yes. We live in a world where humans by nature are bound to connection. We want connection. We want to feel connected, like we belong, like we are loved and cared for. How deep does this run? Way deep. And most of all: it knows no boundaries, no walls, no gender, no religion, no culture, no division.

Human connection is in our deepest true nature.

As natural as the air that we breathe. And as natural as it is, so it should be also beautiful, pure and sacred. But because we’re also humans in a reality where attachment is part of our deepest learning, we can’t help to distort that sacred desired for connection. Turning it into desire alone, into a mere physical impulse that can erase important boundaries of the self. Or even worst, turning into something so abstract, enmeshed and obliterating that can make anyone loose themselves, confusing what real connection is truly like.

And I bow for the human experience a hundred percent. Because there is so much beauty and incredible feelings to be experienced here while living inside this skin. And also so much learning, realising a big deal of growth every time.

Human connection doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. Instead, it should only flow. And the huge lesson about flow is learning to know and trust our inner GPS: our intuition.

We crave connection because it’s in our nature and it’s what gives meaning to everything beautiful and mesmerising in life. The irony being this though: we want connection and we fear connection. Because we know how deep it runs and how amazing it feels, but also how vulnerable it makes us.

But whoever said vulnerable is negative?

Let me speak again: vulnerable is gold! Vulnerable is beautiful and also powerful. And the magic of it all is that when there’s connection, real connection, you just know. You feel it.

Just like big and most important decisions (in my life experience), you feel them first, even before you consciously know. Connections are felt and so we can decide to allow ourselves or not to feel into that connection. To find what it’s bringing us for our joy and growth, always in the present moment.

Yes, being human it’s one tricky journey but also one of the most rewarding ones after all, even in the most challenging situations it all comes down to the little things, the people around us, the ones who loves us and who we love.

Life is worth because of every human connection that makes us learn about ourselves and this huge, rich, multi-versed world.

I want to believe in it.

In everyone.

In everything.

I am that kind of deep feeler. One who cares deeply and enough to want to go experience it to the most and best of my abilities, with all my love, my sense of caring and my sense of joy. I refuse to live in a way that makes me think of everything and everyone negative, regardless of the situations and experiences. In this deep journey, we come to understand that the outsides are only happening around us, not to us. That we truly choose our reality. That we always have a choice. Some better than others and some easier than others, but we’re always in our power regardless. Our inner world, our inner attitude is what builds our reality and not the other way around.

As difficult as it can get at times – because is only human, this journey truly brings us back home to the most important connection of all: ourselves.

The deepest and most important human connection of all that we are all searching for is us.

Our very own. Until we learn to truly recognise this inner power, beauty and reality; to truly accept it with all its shadows and lights, with all its lost and recovered fragments as we go, with all its ups and downs…only then can we truly start to feel the journey and the purpose we came here to live about.

Impossible? Not at all.

Difficult? May sound like it but not quite.

In reality, what we seek is what we look for out there in the world. What we seek is seeking us. What we crave is what we miss within is. So doesn’t then it make sense that we start within so that we can go out there and love fully and feeling whole rather than searching for something else out there to complete us?

In wholeness we find it all, only to realise we never needed to search out there for something more. Yet it’s part of our human journey to become explorers, searchers but above all: seekers.

May we always find the desire and curiosity to experience more and feel more deeply from a place of growth and love, not from survival and lack. May we find ourselves searching for connection from a place of joy and not from a place of fear of feeling lost or alone. May we find ourselves wanting to let our curiosity leads to be more human, more aware, more real, more truthful, more respectful, because it’s in this space where we can all truly connect without harming each other.

And most of all, may we all learn to recognise our own selves and our intuition so that sailing through these waves of life, we can always learn to discern and enjoy the ride.

Much love!

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