Endless Romantic. But… What Is Love?

Endless Romantic. But… What Is Love?

I’m an endless romantic, in love with love.

When I think of love, I think of the most wonderful partner, yes, we all do because it’s only beautiful and natural to want to share your world, life, views and fun with someone as special like that. To share with ease, with opennes, with honesty, with love, whether things get rough or not.

But I also think of further love. The love we get from loved ones, family, friends, even random encounter with strangers.

How do you describe love then? Is it energy? Is it trust vibes? Is it a moment of sincere happiness?

But then I also think further about love. The love that you feel when overwhelmed about things, situations, events. That feeling that makes your skin aroused, your smile bright and your eyes teary. That unexpected beautiful feeling that takes over you without announcement and in complete awe of a single moment.

But then again, I think further about love, the one and most rooted, deeper one. The one that is born inside. Such a weird one, such an abstract one. How do we even define this love from within? it’s so easy to recognise all the kinds of love above mentioned, but this one? This one is another story.

This one is way more difficult to see, to express, to even notice ourselves. How many of us have truly felt the love for ourselves as we have felt for others, so deeply, so genuinely, so trusted and loving, so deep and pure. How many of us have truly accepted ourselves in the same ways we have accepted others with so much love and caring.

Yeah, that’s the one love where everything else comes from. That’s the one love which gives life to life itself, to others, to the world.

How do you describe this latter kind of love?

How would you say it feels like as compared to all the other feelings so clear about love?

Yes, love is one big, crazy, unexpected, magical thing. And yet, we have all been failing to feel and know that we are part of that magic ourselves. How much more magical all the other kinds of love would suddenly become if only we embraced the love within so it can spread out like a rainbow in the rain!

Yeah, love.

I’m in love with love. I believe in love, in its power and its strength. I believe in people as love, life as love, everything as love.

If only. 

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