Dear Julian: The Book

Dear Julian: The Book

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Intro & Story Behind The Book

Back in January 2017 I received a strong and clear hunch in the greatest bottom of my heart: I must write a book, more like a manual or guide for learning to ride this wave called Life.

It had been a few months since my youngest nephew was born and I could only feel the amazement day after day as I saw him grow, expand, explore and become more of himself. How little or nothing do we remember about those key stages of life, I realised.

I found myself in such a state of awe about pretty much everything in life, in creation, in evolution that I knew I needed to capture all those memories and tell my nephew all that he was living yet wouldn’t remember a single bit of it. I was witnessing his first year of life; every big and little thing and win he was experiencing; showing us all how to simply live joyfully, always in the present moment…just by being himself, following the purest nature of all.

That’s how I started writing letters to him, to Julian.

Every morning and for a couple of hours after my hot cuppa coffee I would sit down at the table right next to the kitchen, in this old cozy wooden house I was renting at the time right behind my grandma’s backyard. I sat there in absolute joy, although terrified at first, not knowing exactly what to write but then it all just started flowing. Every single time.

After having spent most of my days by his side since he was three months in the making inside his mummy’s womb and all the way until he arrived in our arms, followed by six amazing months of deep remembrance, exploring and learning together while I experienced his way through life, through his first months of everything, through every single exploration, moment shared, new words, new gestures, new movements as much as I could with every day I could spend with him and with them, helping out or simply keeping company.

Little did I know I would find myself in absolute awe, being taught and reminded the best of life while going through my very own dark night of the soul.

Little did I know I would find myself utterly moved and amazed to the point where I wanted to record every single bit possible for me to treasure and for him to recall when he grows up.

Little did I know that watching my nephew grow inside and into the outside would make me feel so much and such unexpected things, deep and beautiful realisations about life.

Little did I know that he would inspire in just a few twelve months to create one of the major accomplishments of my life yet: my first actual book.

I had written since I was a kid. I had written my way through life.

Every single feeling, thought, dream, desire, pain, fear…ever thing I’ve known and felt, all I’ve written. However, I had never gone through the process of what writing a book actually felt like. It’s not even yet in print, not even perfectly edited but I just knew this was my definite very first book writing process ever. And it so felt like it after months and months of further work and understanding more of what this all truly meant in my own skin.

I think it took me in reality three weeks to splash this book out of me until it felt like I had bursted all of my soul and every word that wanted to be in there.

One day somewhere around January 2018 I knew I wanted to gift my nephew a book for his first birthday ever. A little book that would be a small manual to life somehow as I’d lived in my experience and after being deeply moved and inspired by his arrival to our family. So I woke up to this spark in me and sat down full hands on it. It took discipline; one I had never had when it came to the small pursuits born from my own desire. I had always struggled with discipline unless it was strictly and non-negotiably put upon me (a.k.a studies, university, job). But when it came to my own little desires to keep a routine for myself, I would just fail again and again.

But not this time. This book had a heartbeat of its own and a divine designated timing to be delivered.

I just knew it in my heart and so, soul got me going. I showed up every day to that table, my writing spot after preparing my morning coffee. I showed up every day for three weeks not knowing what the result would be but simply knowing I was to write a little something for Julian and for his lifetime ahead.

And so, Dear Julian: Welcome Letters To The World was born.

A messy draft that went through the loving hands, brain and soul of the one person who knew me best and who agreed to edit this draft for me. A draft that turned into gold the next time I saw it. Oh my god, the rush, the feeling, the adrenaline and the joy! Oh the tears of joy when I saw what my draft had turned into. It might not be an actual human birth but those who relate to the writing rush and its healing depth can truly understand my exhilarating joy of having given birth to my own self somehow when I saw that golden draft.

One first draft and it was enough to make me feel a pride, love and joy I hadn’t experienced so far in my life.

It was April 2018 and a lot had happened since. June 2nd was just around the corner and Julian’s first birthday was quickly approaching. The book needed to be ready by then! Even more when I unexpectedly learned I’d had to make a decision to leave to another continent again. Oh my boy…oh my heart. Chop chop! No time to loose.

Ever since then, the book became an Ekindle version on Amazon while I could figure out the permits and paperwork needed to make it legal for print. In between two countries, two continents and two languages, while sailing through a most intense personal season of life at the time, the print and translation of the book had to wait. Trusting in my heart that the right time will come for this sweet book made with the most heartfelt of loves to see its own transformation into more languages, out in the world, for infinite numbers of kids, parents, carers and even teachers to read and share together at home and beyond. This book clearly means more than I ever imagined and I don’t think it has even started to see the light it was meant for yet.

In my desire to share then this little book I am most proud of, I have decided to share it as a series of blog posts right here in my blog.

One new chapter every week.

I hope and know it’ll be of your enjoyment.
May it shine a light on your own life and beyond.
May it spark a beautiful memory of who you all truly are and what really matters.

May this be a new lovely start to a new chapter, and why not, a new edition of Dear Julian: The Book Series.

Love you all! Thank you for being here.


“Dear Julian: Welcome Letters To The World”

A small, heartfelt guide for new members of this world, their parents and caregivers, to guide them through this journey of life as they explore and grow in a multicultural world with vast languages, religions, mindsets, traditions and beyond. This is a small book containing letters written to Baby Julian on his first birthday, as a way to show him and remind him of the first-year wanderings of life – and to remind us all how to live simply and better through our kids life experience as they evolve. Aimed to be a life manual for kids as they grow and all the way into adulthood, filled with lessons, wisdom and simple views to help the reader embrace a better living.

Start Reading The Book

How To Read This Book (An Introduction)

Chapter One: How To Begin

Letter 1: Where Did I Come From?
Letter 2: How Are We Born?
Letter 3: Why Do We Look The Same?
Letter 4: Why Do We Hear, See, Smell, Taste and Feel Things?

Letter 5: Why Do I Cry?
Letter 6: How Do I Think?

Chapter Two: How To Live

Letter 1: Why Do I Get Sick?
Letter 2: Why Do We Get Hungry?
Letter 3: Why Do We Need The Toilet?
Letter 4: Why Do We Get Sleepy?

This is a blog series after my book called Dear Julian: Welcome Letters To The World. Feel free to read it here on the blog or  buy the Kindle version on Amazon. Thanks for your support!

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