Dear Julian,

I was born just like you, on a crisp morning in the same hospital, thirty-six years ago. There were doctors and nurses too, my mum (your beloved Tita Patty) has told me. She also told me how she was having a dinner party among friends the night before my arrival – as if they knew that shortly after, a little bundle of love would make its way into this world. She told me how she woke up early to go to the hospital with my dad that day, knowing they’d soon have me in their arms.

It was apparently a smooth and easy arrival – and then there I was: 48 cms and 3.5 kilograms of pure innocence. Of course, there’s nothing I can remember from that day or moment. No one really can – but thankfully we have stories that are passed onto us, wrapped in love, to last a lifetime. I’m more than sure that you will be told and reminded of your own story of how you came into the world. I intend to remind you of it (my version of it) as frequently as I can, and as many times as you want.

That’s one reason why I made this book for you – where I will try to tell you a few more good stories that will help guide you through life, so you become as wise and calm and love-filled as I can help make you, based on my own thoughts and experience from my first 36 years of life. This book is based on my own notes.

You know, dear Julian, taking notes is a wonderful thing to do because it allows you to capture not only moments like pictures do, but also feelings and thoughts. I’m a big fan of doing that. When you get to learn how to write and communicate via this word-arranging game, you might fall in love with writing your thoughts and feelings, just like I have, as we try to understand life as it happens. It’s beautiful and the memories you will create for yourself will live forever. Whatever your way of living and loving life will be, just make super sure it’s truly your way and no one else’s. A way that feels right and warm and real in your heart at all times. One that makes you feel good -with yourself in the first place, then with all those around you.

We will have more deep talks later in your life – but it’s still important to mention all these things to you as early as possible. There is so much I am about to share here with you, dear Julian, topics of all kinds, which will ultimately be a little guide to help you sail through life. There will always be good days and not so good days, but no matter what kind of day it is, and no matter in what page of the book you’re at, love will always be the main light and constant in this all.

I celebrate your life, little one.

Your beloved auntie

This is a blog series after my book called Dear Julian: Welcome Letters To The World. Feel free to follow the series here on the blog or buy the Kindle version on Amazon. Thanks for your support!

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