I am tired.

Tired of not being the self 100%.
Tired of feeling contained.
Contained in a healthy body that all it wants is to play.
To play like a kid wants to play.
To jump and scream as I daydream.

I am tired of feeling contained.
Contained in a mind that all it wants is to feel free.
Free from all social constraints.
Constraints created by men.
Constraints that live nowhere else than in the head.

I am tired of feeling contained.
Contained from my soul expressing itself.
Hidden from the truth that the soul is.
Truth which is the essence of who we are.
Essence that hides with fear in our human depths.

I am tired of feeling this way.
So tired of trying to figure out the ways.
There are no ways!
Just the one way.
The soul’s way.

What are we doing?
Trying so hard to free ourselves,
when it’s really so simple,
if only we let it come out and play.

What are we gaining?
When feeling so much fear
and letting it control ourselves.
The mind is only a wicked game.

I am tired of feeling contained.
Don’t you see it’s all just in our heads?
Aren’t you tired of playing that game?
Come with me and let’s just be free,
like we were always meant to be.

Come play!
Let’s dance,
let’s scream,
let’s be free!

It’s you. It’s me.
It’s the game we make.
Let’s step outside already.
Let’s just choose to not be contained.

So simple, so true.
Your life, your game.
Your rules, your play.
No one else can dictate.

Time to stop living contained.

October 9th, 2019

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