A Sweet Mellow Pink Poem

A Sweet Mellow Pink Poem

Feeling mellow…
Not sure where this will go,
but I’m in my bed
thinking and feeling along.

The present makes its pace,
while the heart feels clear and strong,
paddling through the waves,
feeling grateful for a past long gone.

Something about this time today
feels calming and curious at once.
As if the unexpected would happen
making it all twist and shift in a snap.

What goodness is next to come?
Because that’s what this is about of course.
The dar long cloud has finally drifted off
allowing the light shine all along.

It’s tender,
it’s calm,
it’s unknown,
it’s probably vast.

It’s certainly in the energies
to come once more inside,
where the waves flow
and where the shadows lay.

It’s only inside
where the truth is to be found.
It’s only inside
where the light shall reveal the path.

What a light, sweet mellow night.
What a tender energy flow.
May the inner ocean rest calm tonight.
May the truth be felt in our core.

And for once and from now on,
may this also be a prayer to God.
To remind us we are never alone.
To show us how faith and trust are done.

Image credits: Unsplash

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